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Home Ownership: Who Benefits?

Publish date: 24th November 2009

The HCA (Homes and Communities Agency) has just produced a really useful list of Frequently Asked Questions relating to HOLD, clearing up many of the misunderstandings that people might have about the scheme.

Whether you’re a potential buyer, a Housing Association, Care Provider or Local Authority it’s packed with useful information, clearly and concisely explained. It’s always worth reiterating that, if you have a disability and rely on benefits for your income, the HOLD scheme can give you the chance to buy a home of your own from the ‘open market’ (generally through an Estate Agent), with the interest repayments being covered entirely by your existing benefits. So it’s perfect if you want or need to live in a particular location or style of property that might not be readily available through an existing Housing Association development. Contact us to find out more.

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