Having a severe disability should never stand in the way of having your own home.


Having a disability (excluding you from paid employment) should never stand in the way of having your own home or living the kind of life you really want to lead. These simple beliefs lie at the heart of everything we do.

Making them happen might seem like an impossible dream but it isn't. We really do know how to turn hopes into homes and we've already helped over 1,500 people buy a property that they can truly call home for the rest of their life...

Click here to download our Guide To Buying A Home Of Your Own

Click here to download our Easy Read Guide To Buying A Home Of Your Own

To find out more about the process involved in buying a home please download a copy of one of our MySafeHome Guides to Buying a Home of Your Own or, if you’d prefer us to talk you through it, just email enquiries@mysafehome.info with your name, the best phone number for us to contact you on and the date and time you'd like us to call you and we'll confirm our availability.

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(If you've not spoken with us yet please call us on 02476 402211 first to go through a few simple eligibility questions otherwise you may be completing the form when you're not eligible). This will also enable us to produce your FREE Mortgage Budget and Purchase Price Booklet (which will include the value of property that we may be able you buy together with some examples of homes currently available in your local area).

Looking for comprehensive support to help you or the person you care for plan and maintain their financial future too?

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